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Pêcheur sur une pirogue au Suriname
The objective of the project is to maintain healthy forests and natural resources in Guyana and Suriname. In order to achieve this, the project will contribute to strengthen institutional governance capacity (specifically in Suriname) and local community capacity development on forest resource, and enhance sustainable nature and forest-based livelihoods for communities.

The Amazon rainforest accounts for about 10% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity, 20% of the world's fresh water supply and 10% of the world's carbon reserves. It is also home to a large number of indigenous peoples, with their own languages and customs, over vast areas.

The Guiana Shield, targeted by the project, has a large amount of intact forest cover. The forest covers about 90% of the surface of Guyana and Suriname.

However, the area is environmentally, socially and culturally challenged. It is under pressure from illegal logging and increasing extractive projects (especially gold mining).

Timber harvesting is a primary source of carbon emissions, and forest roads, often over long distances in previously pristine areas, are used as entry points by hunters, poachers and gold miners.


The project will contribute to collective efforts to safeguard the Amazon rainforest, its biodiversity and its peoples.

It aims to increase local capacityterritorial governance and foster the development of sustainable value chains without deforestation.

The project aims to support local authorities and communities in Guyana and Suriname in the governance of territories, the development of sustainable and equitable income-generating activities, as well as in the establishment of sustainable financial mechanisms.

The project consists of several components managed by World Wildlife Fund Guianas (WWF Guianas) in Guyana and Suriname. A specific component dedicated to forest governance in Suriname is implemented by Stichting voor Bosbeheer en Bostoezicht (SBB)

Two pilot regions will be selected in Guyana and two in Suriname.

The project components are:

  • Support to institutional forest governance - SBB (Suriname Only),
  • Support to sustainable local community capacity development governance - WWF,
  • Support to sustainable nature and forest based livelihood opportunities, for local communities - WWF,
  • Project management and cross-cutting actions - WWF.

The project aims to protect the Amazon rainforest and increase the resilience of local populations to external pressures, notably through the development of sustainable income-generating activities.

Project start date
4 years
Duration of funding
Rupununi and Upper Demerara-Berbice in Guyana, Upper Suriname River Watershed (and another area to be selected) in Suriname
10 000 000
Financing amount
Local communities

The content of this project information sheet falls under the sole responsibility of the AFD and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the European Union.