Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia at the crossroads of trade between Europe and Asia. It is also one of the largest countries in the world. Kazakhstan is an exporter of oil and other raw materials, but is also engaged in a process to diversify its economy. AFD Group is working with the Kazakh authorities to identify sustainable and inclusive growth paths for the country.
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Astana, Kazakhstan
Astana, Kazakhstan

Promoting green and inclusive growth

urban landscape, Kazakhstan, AFD supports greww and inclusive growth

Promoting green and inclusive growth

Following the signing of the intergovernmental agreement governing the activities of AFD Group in Kazakhstan in November 2023, AFD is starting to operate in the country under a mandate of “green and inclusive growth.”

It may also provide financial and technical expertise in the fields of health and social protection, water, sanitation and irrigation.

Supporting women and rural entrepreneurs

AFD's action in Kazakhstan: supporting rural entrepreneurs

Supporting women and rural entrepreneurs

Proparco, AFD Group’s private sector arm, is cooperating with KMF, the leading microfinance institution in the country. Through Proparco’s support, KMF allocates microloans to entrepreneurs in the regions of Kazakhstan, including the most remote regions, especially to women entrepreneurs and agricultural businesses.

Backing health and higher education institutions

Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

Backing health and higher education institutions

Expertise France, AFD Group’s subsidiary for technical cooperation, has provided two international technical experts to support and advise government institutions in Kazakhstan. One expert is advising the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan on the management, transformation and promotion of French higher education and research programs (Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute and Center for Geo-Energies).

A second international technical expert is assisting the Ministry of Health, and more specifically the Salidat Kaïrbekova National Research Center for Health Development, with the design of programs for national public health strategies, the administration of the health system, the analysis of national health accounts, and the coordination of international cooperation projects. These experts are thereby contributing to the development of closer relations between France and Kazakhstan.

million invested in rural entrepreneurship
international technical experts deployed in ministries
date of signature of the intergovernmental agreement governing AFD Group activities in Kazakhstan

Five times the size of France, Kazakhstan is one of the world’s largest countries. But with a population of 19.6 million people, it is also one of the least densely populated countries. With its central position between Europe, Russia and China, it has the largest economy in Central Asia.

A major oil exporter, it experienced tremendous growth in the 2000s, resulting in a reduction of poverty and social inequalities. In 2022, its GDP per capita reached $11,477. Kazakhstan has the ambitious objective of becoming one of the 30 global economic leaders by 2050. It also aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

To achieve a sustainable development model, it now needs to diversify its economy (which is highly dependent on oil production), modernize its infrastructure, and develop the social sector.

We have been operating in the region since 2015, following the opening of its Central Asia Office in Tashkent, the capital of neighboring Uzbekistan. AFD's work here is part of our mandate to promote green and inclusive growth. 

AFD is also considering providing loans and technical assistance to the Government and public institutions in the health and water sectors. 

Our work in Kazakstan is directly attached to AFD's Eurasia regional office in Istanbul.

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AFD Group Ready to Support Kazakhstan’s Green and Inclusive Growth

Press Release

AFD Group Ready To Support Kazakhstan’s Green And Inclusive Growth
AFD and Kazakhstan pave the way for their mutual cooperation

Press Release

Start of cooperation between AFD and Kazakhstan


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