Political and Civic Transition

The growing involvement of citizens in public life, boosted by social networks, reflects the need to reinvent more inclusive and participatory governance models.
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Citizen participation, non-discrimination, effective public action, accountability, and transparency of institutions are the key points of focus for political and civic transitions. Buoyed since 2016 by a new governance mandate and by the projected assimilation of Expertise France by the end of 2019, AFD Group promotes these principles at the heart of its aid operations. In our comprehensive approach at all scales, promoting lawful governments and societies that are open, fait, and inclusive, addressing economic and financial factors, and sustainably managing resources are inextricably connected.

In this context, AFD is committed in particular to dialogue about public policies, institutional capacity building, and democratic governance.

Increasing dialogue about public policies

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AFD Group develops its socioeconomic and institutional analysis tools to prepare for public policy dialogue. We help to strengthen governance in cross-cutting issues such as climate, gender equality, the digital transition, crisis prevention, and natural-resources management. We use the evaluation tools to enrich dialogue around public policies, valorizing evaluation itself as a component of good governance.

We assist in developing diagnostic tools for international concerns, particularly public finances, to better target interventions and encourage international dialogue. Our aim is to establish lasting, strong discussions about topics such as the governance of public companies and gender-aware budgeting. We support forms of governance that facilitate dialogue and that promote participatory management and equitable access to resources, including resources outside government purview. This enhanced dialogue about public policies is conducted in close collaboration with the French government and is fully in line with French policy priorities.

Building institutional capacity

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AFD Group, which will soon be expanded to include Expertise France, contributes, by mobilizing French technical expertise and additional resources, to help develop new institutional regulations in order to support and implement public policies. We capitalize fully on digital technologies and assist partner countries through "Gov Tech" solutions (digital identities and other administrative reforms leading a more open government).

We bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of public-finance management, even in fragile situations. We support projects that increase the use of domestic resources in our partner countries (expanding the tax base, computerizing revenue collection, streamlining audit procedures). 

We promote processes and forums that encourage cooperation between partners, accountability, transparency, monitoring and assessment of public policies, and agreements that protect the public interest. 

Promoting democratic governance

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AFD acts to promote access to justice and the exercise of rights. We support the rights of vulnerable populations, especially women, disabled people, children and young people, indigenous populations, and LGBTQI people. We strengthen justice and penal systems and train legal professionals, so that all citizens may ejoy their rights, including those in prison (by promoting respect for the rights and dignity of incarcerated). 

With an eye to promoting more transparent, inclusive, and democratic societies, we also support the development of citizen participation, particularly through digital tools, as well as freedom of information by supporting public, private, and community media. We support "Civic Tech" digital technologies and multi-level on-and offline spaceswhere citizens can discuss issues with their governments, thus addressing their increasingly strident calls for greater inclusion. We help design France's "Human Rights and Development Strategy" so as to fully integrate the rights-based approach to cooperative actions announced at the CICID meeting on February 8, 2018. 

As part of our mandate, we help operationalize this approach through the law: we are developing a financial facility or fund to finance operations specifically designed to strengthen human rights and democracy.

Recognizing that governance stands at the intersection of agendas and action within central and local governments, civil society organizations, local communities and public and private enterprises, AFD Group works with all these stakeholders. 

We make use of all our financial tools to amplify our activity. Assistance ranges from the structuring of public institutions and policies, to strengthening sectoral strategies, to exchanging views and experiences around public-policy practices.

By working more closely with Expertise France, the country's leading technical assistance provider, AFD Group can expand its range of services that support political and civic transitions. AFD will exploit Expertise France’s experience not only to implement the projects but also to draw additional funding from other international donors.