Atlantic Ocean - 2021 Activity Report

Beyond the diversity of the territories of the Atlantic Ocean, common issues invite us to think about a regional development of the basin to bring the actors into dialogue, find sustainable solutions at the regional level and contribute to the improvement of living conditions of the populations. Acting together to build sustainable solutions for the benefit of everyone and to create a true economic, cultural and societal "Atlantic Ocean" community, such is the stated objective of AFD in the region.

Despite a year 2021 still marked by the Covid-19 crisis, AFD Group's activity in the Atlantic region remained very strong and reached €436 million in new commitments. The operational activity, which is growing strongly, has endeavored to diversify its sectors of intervention with €281 million in favor of infrastructures and urban development, €48 million in the financing of renewable energies and €13 million for the benefit of civil society and education. The Group has also contributed to green and inclusive growth through the financing of more than €200 million for projects to the fight against climate change in 2021. Discussions with our privileged partners in the region have continued.

Discover our activity in 2021 in the Atlantic Ocean region by downloading the activity report below.


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