Atlantic Ocean - 2020 Activity Report

Despite their diversity, the territories around the Atlantic Ocean share common issues that call for a regional approach to development. This can consist in encouraging dialogue among stakeholders, finding sustainable solutions on a regional scale, and helping to improve living conditions for the local population. AFD’s main objective in the region is to work together to build sustainable solutions benefiting everyone, and create a true economic, cultural, and societal “Atlantic Ocean” community.

In the Atlantic Ocean region, which includes foreign States (Dominican Republic, Haiti, Sunriname) and French overseas territories (Guadeloupe, MartiniqueSaint Pierre and Miquelon) around €3 billion has been committed to nearly 600 projects in 10 years.

In 2020, 67 new projects were funded in the area for a total of €465 million. At the same time, €503 million was also contributed (including €17 million for multi-country projects). These funds targeted health, infrastructure and urban development, digital technology and agriculture..

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