AdaptAction: Tackling Climate Change Together

More than 3 billion people live in contexts that are highly vulnerable to climate change (IPCC, 2022). Yet, adapting to the impacts of climate change remains a complex process: multiple sectors as well as a wide range of social, economic, cultural and political factors interact together. Reconciling the different timeframes for action (immediate needs vs long-term goals) can also be challenging.

In response to this challenge, AFD has set up AdaptAction, a programme which accompanies partner countries in the development and implementation of their adaptation strategies and resilient development trajectories.

After a first phase covering the 2017-2022 period, the programme second phase is designed with a threefold strategy: understanding, planning, investing. AdaptAction strives to better understand adaptation processes, but also to support the translation of scientific knowledge into governance mechanisms, public policies and adaptation-sensitive investments.

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