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AFD has been active in the region since 2009 and created the Andes Regional Office in 2018.  Based in Bogotá, it covers four countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The common realities and challenges that characterize this region justify the validity of the regional approach adopted by AFD Group. The Andean countries are indeed in agreement with French policies on democracy, human rights and international commitments regarding the environment and climate change

AFD Group's work in the region is aligned with the following strategic objectives:

Combat climate change and preserve the environment

AFD Group promotes development trajectories in line with global climate and environmental challenges. It thus accompanies the four countries of the region in the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. The objectives: limit the increase in the average temperature of the planet, halt the dramatic loss of biodiversity and promote the energy transition towards renewable energies.

In addition, the Group intends to implement a greater number of measures dedicated to the fight against deforestation, the preservation of biodiversity, sustainable transformation of the rural sector and the emergence of bio-economy and nature-based alternatives.

Improve the quality of life of citizens and their access to high-quality services

One of AFD Group's priorities in the Andes is to improve the quality of life of citizens in a sustainable manner by promoting access to modern, resilient, sustainable and accessible services. Access to water and sanitation, decent housing and employment are among the most important development issues in the Andean region.

Promoting decentralization will reduce territorial inequalities while improving the living conditions of local populations, particularly women, for the benefit of disadvantaged territories or those affected by conflicts in the region. The aim is to create optimal conditions for financing essential infrastructure in various sectors: urban development, water, health, education, energy and transport.

In addition, we contribute to the development of sustainable cities that are resilient to climate change. In this way, we encourage public and private stakeholders to accelerate the transition to clean modes of public transport without losing sight of the objective of social inclusion.

Achieve a fair social transition

The Covid-19 crisis has exacerbated the issues of governance, justice, human rights, health and social peace. This is why AFD Group is continuing to invest in projects that promote social inclusion and cohesion and the economic development of the most affected territories, but also in projects that recognize the fundamental role of women in society.

Fostering local and regional partnerships

AFD Group strongly encourages partnerships with multilateral and bilateral organizations active in the Andes, notably with the European Union, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Andean Development Corporation (CAF), the World Bank, KfW as well as the members of IDFC.

We also seek to foster interactions with local authorities, civil society, scientific research centers and think tanks.




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