The Minka Peace and Resilience Fund, implemented by AFD, is dedicated to medium and long-term financing  operations in regions affected by crisis or violent conflict. The Minka Fund pursues proactive conflict prevention, before and after crises,for lasting peace.

In 2021, with Covid-19 making the many local contexts even more volatile, it was once again necessary to address a number of challenges: difficult-to-access areas, the need to increase coordination among stakeholders and systematically prioritize initiatives that support the most vulnerable, such as marginalized groups, refugees, forcibly displaced persons and host populations. “Leaving no one behind” is a central concern for Minka financed projects. Using an approach that is tailored to unstable areas and which aims to meet the needs of local communities, Minka has anticipated these difficulties in the four priority crisis areas it covers for France’s foreign policy: the Sahel, Lake Chad region, the Central African Republic and the Middle East.

Between 2017 and 2021, AFD committed €863 million through the Minka Fund. Discover the actions carried out in 2021 by downloading the report below.

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