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The Indian Ocean Regional Office, based in Saint-Denis, covers seven countries and territories in the region: Réunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Mayotte and the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF).

France in the Indian Ocean can take action toward an economic, social and societal transition using a model that is more inclusive for populations, more resilient to the effects of climate change, less polluting and more respectful of nature and biological diversity.

The French islands are a laboratory in which proposals for a new regional model of society can emerge and develop, based on the fulfilment of populations and the protection of natural capital. In each of the countries in the area where it is present, AFD Group’s France team directs French inclusive investment towards improving living conditions for populations, preserving natural resources and adapting and mitigating the effects of climate change.

AFD Group, with its subsidiaries Proparco and Expertise France has set itself the following objectives:

Encourage the sustainable development of the blue, green and circular economy sectors

The impacts of climate change are a reality in the islands of the Indian Ocean, which is why AFD is supporting territories and populations to make them more resilient to these changes.

Since 2008, natural disasters have affected more than 12 million people in the area. To this, we can add the impact of epidemics on human and animal health. AFD Group is thus involved at the regional level in the prevention and management of natural and health disasters.

The Group is also enhancing its work towards the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of biological diversity in this hotspot, which hosts an outstanding variety of endemic species.

Finally, the Group supports the sustainable development of natural resources and the structuring of sectors of the blue economy (fishing, port infrastructures, tourism), the green economy (agro-ecology, food security, renewable energies) and the circular economy, and participates in the improvement of inter-island connectivity, both physical and digital.

Build inclusive societies for people

AFD Group aims to contribute to improving people's living conditions and strengthening societal cohesion in the region by taking demographic dynamics into account. The Group finances the development of effective educational programs that promote professional integration with a view to complementing the services offered in the different territories.

We seek to strengthen the social ties and intergenerational mutual support through decent work, access to high-quality basic services, the promotion of cultural activities and sports activities and gender equality.

Foster a more protective public governance framework

AFD Group supports the implementation of a regional public governance framework dealing with security, movement of goods and people, migration and mobility. This framework will promote judicial cooperation and benefit increased trade within the area and with the rest of the world. The Group is also building the capacity of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) and the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) in their role as a forum for dialogue between the territories.

Support the contribution of the French islands to the dynamics of regional cooperation

In order to promote better integration of the overseas territories in their regional environment, the Group participates in the coherence of the regional cooperation strategies and actions of French public stakeholders through the French Indian Ocean Cooperation Platform (PFCOI).

AFD has also been involved with the Union of Chambers of Commerce of the Indian Ocean Islands (now known as Cap Business OI), a regional association representing the private sector in the Southwest Indian Ocean. The aim is to strengthen economic exchanges between the islands.



map The French Southern and Antarctic Lands
The French Southern and Antarctic Lands


projects financed by AFD since 2018
billion euros committed by AFD and Proparco since 2018
of commitments with a climate co-benefit from 2021



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