Mayotte is France’s newest “department” and is facing a number of challenges: local authorities in need of support, infrastructure in need of development and a private sector in need of rejuvenation, among others. AFD is working there alongside local stakeholders to promote development that is 100% compliant with the Paris Climate Agreement and 100% supportive of social cohesion. AFD is also helping protect the territory’s unique natural heritage.
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Fishermen's Hall of M'Tsapéré, Mayotte
AFD and Mayotte: stimulate economic activity and reduce inequalities
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Supporting public sector investment

Mayotte, lagoon, sanitation, wastewater treatment plant

Supporting public sector investment

Mayotte is lagging behind significantly in terms of infrastructure and its public authorities must respond to the diverse needs of its rapidly growing population (3.8% annual growth according to INSEE). This gives rise to many challenges, especially in terms of the efficiency of public services and developing skills.

AFD provides support through support/consultancy services (more than 50 projects over the 2017-2018 period, total funding of €4.5 million for intellectual services), pre-financing of European and State grants (€39 million for 60 pre-financing payments over the 2017-2018 period) and financing long-term investment projects for local authorities (€33 million for 20 loans over the 2017-2018 period).

Promoting natural heritage and protecting the environment

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Promoting natural heritage and protecting the environment

Mayotte’s unique biodiversity is vulnerable to many risks. As part of the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, AFD is committed to preserving this heritage by offering very low-interest loans: in 2018, the municipalities of M’Tsamboro, Kani-Kéli, Dembéni and Dzaoudzi benefited from zero-interest loans to fund projects aimed at adapting to climate change and mitigating its effects.

We also contribute to preparing, funding and monitoring numerous studies, particularly in implementing climate-air-energy plans for the local territory, protecting and enhancing the mangrove, and green microfinance. 

AFD has also been delegated to manage funding from the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) for the sustainable management of the marine heritage of Mayotte and the Scattered Islands  and is helping implement the strategy for communicating about the project outcomes. AFD is supporting the “Maoré a dit” (“Maoré said”) educational campaign by developing and implementing an enhanced environmental communication strategy for the entire territory.

Improving healthcare, social and medical-social services

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Improving healthcare, social and medical-social services

As in all sectors, the territory of Mayotte is suffering from a lack of facilities and qualified personnel in the area of healthcare (one hospital for 256,500 residents, making three times fewer doctors than in mainland France). To meet this need, AFD is supporting the development of healthcare infrastructure and the roll-out of training programs for the medical-social sector.

As a longstanding partner of the hospital in Mayotte, AFD is supporting its development through funding and pre-financing of ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) grants for building and equipping Petite-Terre hospital (€22 million).

We have also engaged in multiple partnerships, including with the following institutions:

  • Institut Renaudot, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and Centre Universitaire de Mayotte  to roll out a community healthcare policy in Mayotte
  • the Red Cross for the construction of home nursing services for the elderly and adults with disabilities
  • the Mlézi Maoré association for the construction of a medical/educational institute with an accommodation capacity of 93
  • the MESSO association for supporting people with disabilities.

Supporting key private investments and economic activity

port of Longoni, Mayotte

Supporting key private investments and economic activity

With the lowest employment rate in France (38% in 2017, compared to 69% in mainland France) and an unemployment rate of 35% in 2018 (INSEE 2019), Mayotte’s economic fabric is struggling to create enough jobs to keep up with the available labor supply.

AFD is involved in projects aimed at boosting the economy by supporting large investments in the territory and supporting development:

  • electricity infrastructure (€75 million for Électricité de Mayotte in 2011), 
  • port activities (€4.5 million for Longoni commercial port in 2015)
  • and airport activities (€4.58 million for the company operating Mayotte Airport to secure the Dzaoudzi airport runway in 2018).

We also promote professional integration and job creation: micro-credit support with the Association Pour le Droit à I’Initiative Economique (ADIE), professional integration of people with disabilities with the MESSO association.

projects funded over the 2009-2018 period (including 82 in 2017-2018)
million invested over the 2009-2018 period
million in funding for 39 support/consultancy projects

A French territory in the southern hemisphere, between the African continent and Madagascar and in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mayotte is a small archipelago of 376 km² with one of the largest coral lagoons in the world (covering more than 1500 km²). With more than 200,000 inhabitants, the "Island in the Lagoon" has the highest population density of all France's overseas territories (625 inhabitants/km²). 

Mayotte became the 101st French département in March 2011. Its insularity and remoteness from the metropolis make it unique. It severely lags behind in terms of health, education and infrastructure, which hinders its economic and social development. The archipelago is also faced with strong demographic growth.
However, this rapidly changing territory also has real strengths: attractiveness to tourists, a young population and vast fishery resources. There is also strong political will to stimulate economic activity and strengthen regional integration within the Mozambique Channel.

AFD has been a partner of Mayotte since 1990. To contribute to the sustainable development of France's newest département, it supports public and private local players through loans and guarantees, and also funds studies and consulting support missions.

AFD's Mayotte office is directly attached to the Indian Ocean regional office in Saint-Denis.

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