Minka Peace and Resilience Fund - 2019 Activity Report

As crises become longer and more complex, AFD Group has made a key commitment to sustainable peace, to the climate and to social cohesion. This commitment is part of France’s “Prevention, Resilience and Sustainable Peace” strategy aimed at minimizing States’ and societies’ vulnerabilities. This comprehensive “3D development thinking” relies on France’s blend of strengths and resources in the areas of diplomacy, defense, development and humanitarian action.

France established the Minka Peace and Resilience Fund as a means to finance its efforts to tackle the root causes of crises and take action to benefit local communities quickly. The Fund, implemented by AFD, is dedicated to financing operations only in regions affected by crisis or violent conflict. The Minka Fund is part of France’s peacebuilding efforts.

In volatile environments enveloped in crisis, many challenges were met to obtain results. These challenges include hard-to-access areas, the need to increase coordination among stakeholders and systematically prioritizing initiatives that support the most vulnerable: refugees, displaced persons and guest populations. “Leaving no one behind” is a central concern for Minka financed projects. Using an approach that is tailored to unstable areas and aims at supporting governments and local communities, Minka has anticipated these difficulties in the four crisis areas it covers: the Sahel, Lake Chad region, the Central African Republic and the Middle East.

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