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The Central Africa Regional Office is based in Douala and covers seven countries in the region: Cameroon, Congo, the Central African Republic, Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sao Tome and Principe and Equatorial Guinea.

AFD Group's strategy in Central Africa aims to support the countries of the region in overcoming their vulnerabilities and achieving green and inclusive development. Its objectives have been defined to respond to the common challenges of the area: security challenges involving the stability of the countries and regional cohesion; economic challenges; societal challenges, including social fractures accentuated by the young population and territorial imbalances, and ecological challenges to manage the protection of natural heritage and to cope with natural disasters and climate change. To meet these challenges, AFD's operations in Central Africa focus on the following three areas: 

Support institutional transitions and reduce fragility

In the contexts of crisis or post-crisis situations in Central Africa, relations between citizens and their state system are not always peaceful, including lack of State presence in local territories, administrative failures, weaknesses in governance systems, and limited civic participation. AFD Group therefore seeks to promote models of proper governance, reduce institutional vulnerabilities and participate in the modernization of State systems and their institutions. We also support reforms of the financial and monetary system to facilitate the successful implementation of development policies formulated by governments.

Promote human potential and strengthen economic diversification

In Central Africa, AFD Group is focusing on the development of human capital, a key factor in the zone's economic development. It focuses its resources on two sectors: health and education. In this way, we promote better access to health care and a better medical system. In the field of education, we fund projects to improve basic education and provide good-quality training that meets the needs of the labor market and promotes the employability of vulnerable workers.

The Group also supports economic diversification and job creation by supporting the development of SMEs, creative entrepreneurship and the structuring of sustainable production sectors. Finally, we contribute to improving the business climate regulated by the common framework of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA).

Sustainable management of natural capital and promotion of resilient territorial dynamics

Central Africa is home to the world's second largest forest resource and rich biodiversity in the Congo Basin. Preserving these ecosystems is a priority for the entire international community. Our work aims to encourage the promotion of heritage in order to strike a balance between use and protection. Thus, the projects funded promote sustainable natural resource management models, strengthen the joint management of common goods, promote resilient urbanization and contribute to opening up territories.

At the regional level, AFD Group has defined three priorities: work on cross-border issues in order to encourage interregional dynamics and cooperation, promote long-term regional integration by supporting regional institutions for harmonized governance, and finally increase the role of research in order to place it at the center of public policies and encourage the development of research networks




projects funded over the period 2015-2021
million people had their living conditions and access to urban public spaces improved by 2020
billion euros committed by AFD between 2015 and 2021


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