Gulf Of Guinea Regional Office

As a gateway between the Sahel, the Lake Chad region and the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Guinea is a demographic and economic "heavyweight" at the continental level. However, its dynamics are hampered by certain endogenous weaknesses. AFD Group is supporting the region's momentum for prosperity and intends to help establish an inclusive, sustainable and participatory development process.
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Gulf of Guinea regional office AFD Group


The Gulf of Guinea Regional Office, based in Abidjan, covers eight countries in the region: Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Togo.

With an economic dynamic that is stronger than the continental average, the Gulf of Guinea is nevertheless held back by certain endogenous weaknesses. In order to consolidate the region's prosperity and address its areas of fragility, four lines of action have been identified by AFD Group as part of its regional strategy:

Support the economic and social integration of young people

Faced with the fact that young people are looking for opportunities and are partially underemployed, AFD Group supports the educational continuum, from basic education to vocational and higher education, with a specific effort in rural areas. It also undertakes to promote employment, supporting the private sector and strengthening social and economic cohesion through sport and cultural creation.

AFD Group also promotes gender equality among the younger generations by taking coordinated action on young women's real access to education, financing, land, employment and health care.

Promote a democratic and civic transition

One of AFD Group's priorities in the Gulf of Guinea region is to make societies more inclusive. This means guaranteeing justice for all and universal social public services (health care, education). It is also about improving the financial management of the State and its efficiency in order to strengthen the sustainability of policies and support the development of civil society.

Provide an integrated response to the risks of weakening border areas

Faced with the risks of weakening border areas of the Sahel and Lake Chad, it is essential to anticipate and reduce tensions and strengthen the resilience of institutions, territories and populations. AFD Group is focusing on these vulnerable areas ("taking action in the North") as well as areas already in crisis (Lake Chad) to support agricultural development and access to basic services such as energy and water. In partnership with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), we also support population movements, particularly those linked to nomadism, by integrating the effects of climate change on these dynamics.

The Group also finances projects aimed at environmental conservation (forests, savannah areas) and climate change adaptation that are better shared by communities ("social co-benefit"), while supporting regional economic integration to open up the Sahel.

Develop value-creating urban spaces with a low climate and environmental footprint

AFD Group's work contributes to preserving natural resources and protecting lagoon and coastal areas for cities that are more resilient to climate change. It supports energy policies and urban transport plans to promote low-carbon cities.

We also support an urban digital society, based on knowledge and entrepreneurship, for cities that are connected and create jobs. This policy enables the development of health and education services for all, but also encourages city-focused agriculture for inclusive cities.




billion euros committed from 2016 to 2020, including 826 million euros for Proparco
million people have basic drinking water services
of the Group's commitments in Africa in 2021, or 915 million euros


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